No Deposit Luck

A Comparison of Free Spins and Cash Promos

No Deposit Luck

There are a range of promotions available for new players at casinos. Amongst these, two common types are free spins and cash promos. But which is better? What are the pros and cons of each? We've covered the basics to help you decide which you might prefer.

Read the Small print

Whilst free spins and cash promos are common offerings, it's worth checking the details of each particular deal. This summary of how the different bonuses work will give you a good understanding, but the specifics do vary from offer to offer. Don't be afraid to shop around for the best deal. Speaking of which, you can find promotions at casinos. However, a better method may be review sites, which put together listings from various casinos, saving you time.

Free Spins

A very common deal, this bonus involves a small amount ($30, for example) of free spins tied to a specific slots game. No deposit is required usually, and the player can simply spin and win, or lose out but without risking any of their own cash. However, there is a downside. Before any withdrawals can be made the wagering requirement must be met. This varies from offer to offer but will often be dozens of times more than the value of the free spins. For example, $30 of free spins might require $800 of spins to be made before any cash can be withdrawn.

Cash Promo

no deposit  bonus

Free cash promos typically entail a small amount of money ($20-30 or similar) and require no deposit. The money can then be spent gambling on any game the player likes. In that way, it's a lot more flexible than free spins. There is, however, a corresponding restriction. As with free spins, a cash promo requires a certain wagering requirement to be met (for example, $20 of free cash might require $600 worth of bets to be made). You can't just sign up, log in, and withdraw the money.

There is another type of free cash bonus. The amount involved is higher but comes with a time limit attached. Players try to finish ahead by the time limit's end and, if they do so, they get to keep the money above the starting cash (the starting cash disappears). But, as you may've guessed, there is a restriction here too. Usually it's a ceiling on the winnings, so you can win, but winning big may not be possible.

Free Spins vs Cash Promo   no deposit  bonus

Which is better? Cash promos offer more flexibility, but may also come with a ceiling on winnings, whereas free spins do not. Both have wagering requirements, reducing the odds on finishing ahead. What you value most determines which is best for you.

It's tempting to just read the plus side, but it's important to weigh up the restrictions as well. There's not a huge divide between free spins and cash promos, both offer risk-free ways to try your hand at gambling.