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No Deposit Luck

The digital world has opened up a host of new possibilities. Amongst these are online casinos and cryptocurrency, the most popular of which is bitcoin. The cryptocurrency can also be used to play at casinos, which often offer no deposit bonuses. Some casinos that specialize in bitcoin also offer deposit bonuses.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

One of the biggest plus points of using bitcoin is that it's anonymous, which cuts the risk of identity theft to pretty much zero. This makes it a very safe option for either depositing or withdrawing cash. In addition, the cryptocurrency is accepted as a deposit/withdrawal option at an increasing number of casinos. It's worth noting, however, that cryptocurrency isn't for everyone, and the value can go up and down (it tends to be more volatile than traditional national currencies).

Bonus - No Deposit

no deposit  bonus

Bitcoin casinos may offer a no deposit bonus, meaning that all you need do is sign up with said casino, enter the code (if one is required) and you'll get your bonus.

One of the most common types of promotion is free spins. This will be a relatively modest amount and apply to a particular slot game. However, it's worth noting that there is usually a play through requirement before any winnings can be withdrawn. For example, $50 of free spins might require $1,000 of spins to be made before a withdrawal can occur. The advantage, of course, is that you don't have to risk any money at all. Other no deposit promotions may offer free credits linked to a specific game, with a corresponding wagering requirement.

Another no deposit offer is a small amount of free money. This can be wagered in any way the player likes, but there will still likely be a wagering requirement before withdrawal is possible. An alternative cash bonus is a larger sum that is time-limited. The player attempts to exceed their starting money by the end of the time limit. When the time expires, the starting money vanishes but any excess becomes the player's. It's worth knowing there's usually a ceiling on winnings for this promotion, and sometimes the others.

Bonus - Deposit   no deposit  bonus

If you prefer to jump straight in, there are also promotions available at some casinos for depositing bitcoin (sometimes alongside the other offers mentioned above). A first deposit can entail the casino gifting you a certain percentage of your deposit (up to a maximum amount that will vary according to the offer/casino). If you're set on gambling and want to use bitcoin then this is just a freebie, although it's worth checking to see if any withdrawal restrictions apply.

Bitcoin's rising popularity means it's now available as an option at many casinos. Be sure to check the details of any offer, as these vary from casino to casino.